Do my Anti-Theft Keys also work with other Sesame peepholes?2022-09-23T19:18:47+02:00

No, Each Anti-Theft Key works only with the associated peephole.

Can I buy other Anti-Theft Keys?2022-09-23T19:18:00+02:00

Yes. You can purchase additional Anti-Theft Keys for your peephole.

What happens if I lose the Anti-Theft Key?2022-09-23T19:17:10+02:00

You can request new Anti-theft Keys on the web page reserved for registered users. Since Sesamo System is a security system, however, in case of loss of an Anti-Theft Key, it is advisable to change the peephole

Does the Anti-Theft Key have batteries?2022-09-23T19:16:09+02:00

The Anti-theft Keys contain a built-in long-lasting rechargeable battery, rechargeable via a common micro USB cable supplied.

How do you check the state of charge of the batteries?2022-09-23T19:15:23+02:00

Each Anti-Theft Key has a LED charge level indicator, activated when the power button is pressed.

How to use the Anti-Theft Key?2022-09-23T19:14:33+02:00

The Anti-Theft Key must be connected to the peephole on the outside of the door. Just bring it close to the opposite magnetic connector.

Is the system identifiable from the outside to discourage the bad guys?2022-09-23T19:13:30+02:00

Yes, the special CASA SICURA sticker is supplied together with the KIT, which shows from the outside that the house that owns the Sesamo System is directly connected to 112, performing a deterrent function.

Does the peephole with the 112 call system need an external power supply?2022-09-23T19:12:39+02:00

No, the Sesamo System 112 call system has long-lasting batteries that can last more than 10 years with normal use of the system

Does Sesame need a SIM to work?2022-12-12T17:08:59+01:00

Yes, Sesamo System requires a special SIM called SIM SESAMO which, through an annual fee, allows you to be always active to contact 112, be geolocated and be able to receive calls following a call made.

How does the 112 call work?2022-12-12T17:08:44+01:00

By simply pressing the red button, Sesamo System automatically dials the 112 call, putting the resident in hands-free communication with the operators.


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